Special Offers! 

Reiki 5 treatments paid upfront £150 (normally £175) 

Holistic Relax Package - 90 mins Special Offer £45 (normally £55)

A wonderful treatment to relax and restore mind body and spirit.  The treatment starts with a peaceful mist of calming oils being sprayed in the treatment room, a relaxing balm will then be massaged onto temple points (5 mins) followed by a relaxing face massage (10 mins).  You will then experience a combination of Reiki and Crystal Healing (1 hour 15 mins).  Reiki involves the therapist channelling universal life energy through their hands to the recipient for the purpose of healing mind, body and spirt.  Crystals and gem stones will be placed on or around the client’s chakras to enhance the healing and relaxation experience.  Treatment is suitable for both pregnant and postnatal ladies.